Royal Services


What We Provide…

We provide godly counsel to entrepreneurs discerning each strategy tailor made by God to transform your organization. Therefore, if you are ready to build a successful business or ministry, Royal Business Consulting will uncover your true potential, execute in your vision, and assist you in fulfilling God’s plans for your business.


Step 1- Discover

When you contact us, we will spend 30 minutes discovering more about your relationship with Jesus, experience in the marketplace, and dreams that God has downloaded to you. We will petition God together with prayer to discover His plan and next steps for your organization.


Step 2- Reveal

Your first call with Rhonda will be a 3-hour Royal Inheritance Session, where she will use prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit to provide godly counsel for this new journey. Rhonda will uncover your purpose and she will follow His direction to identify the best business model, marketing tactics, and aesthetic features for your brand. At the conclusion of your Royal Inheritance Session you will have developed “The Essence of Your Brand” ™ to use for all future branding and marketing materials.


Step 3- Plan

As a victorious entrepreneur, Rhonda knows that her clients need a simple step-by-step plan to build their own Christian businesses. She will create milestones and actionable steps that will help you establish your business/ministry, including the development of a website, products, services, and social media strategy.


Step 4- Grow & Build

You will connect with Rhonda on a bi-weekly basis to examine your progress, receive godly wisdom, access revelation-insight, and cultivate new strategies for you to achieve your business goals!

Rhonda will guide you as you discover new financial opportunities, business partnerships, and communities to serve. With godly counsel and expert marketing advice, you will have all the tools you need to build a fruitful business!

Why Use Royal Business Consulting?

Companies and organizations feel confident using Royal Business Consulting services because we bring years of experience and proven success to create positive financial results within any institution. We work directly with leadership and utilize their unique characteristics, proficiency and aspirations in order for them to gain freedom and joy in their leadership positions which in turn brings financial success to the organization.

Royal Business Consulting will unveil your unique brilliance, unlock your true potential, and help you engage in your calling as an entrepreneur. We actively partner with the Holy Spirit to build your brand, create distinctive products or services and leverage innovative marketing strategies that are aligned with the Lord’s vision for your business.